Loglet Lab 3.0 Javascript Edition

see https://logletlab.com for a more recent version

Documentation: Primer.pdf

(beta release 2.2) 20 October 2010
(note: only Chrome and Safari browsers work currently. Firefox and IE8 do not work)

All code Copyright (C) 2010 The Rockefeller University, NY, NY.
Licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1 (unless otherwise noted, see source and LICENSE.TXT for details)

Data - Step 1

Choose an example dataset from this list:
and then click the button "step 1 - create data table"


Choose "user data" above, and then paste data from Excel or Google Spreadsheets into this box.
You can also type the data in directly. Data format is two columns (rows of (x,y) pairs).
Then click the button "step 1 - create data table"

(NOTE: numbers must be separted by tabs or commas (not spaces). )

Model Selection and Parameter Constraints - Step 2
Single Logistic Pulse
(choose an upper and lower bound on the logistic parameters, or use button to guess. The guess might be wildly wrong, especially for a tri-logistic)

Model Parameter Estimation and Plotting - Step 3

(regression algorithm parameters)
L2 norm (least squares)
L1 norm (robust)
Monte-Carlo iterations
anneal sample size
anneal iterations
export data with tabs (for Excel, spreadsheets)
export data with comma's (matlab)

(plot size)
Plot Width
Plot Height
plot fit
plot Fisher-Pry
plot component logsitics
plot Standardized Residuals

Raw Number Output (for replotting in Matlab or Excel)