about Loglet Lab

Loglet Lab is a software package for analyzing logistic behavior in time-series data.  The software is sponsored by The Program for the Human Environment at The Rockefeller University in New York. Loglet Lab 2.0 and Loglet Lab 1.0 were written by my friend and colleague Jason Yung . If you need to fit S-curves, you should check out the software.  The inspiration for Loglet Lab comes from Cesare Marchetti and his many students. 

Processes of growth and diffusion important for environment often follow a logistic course. In some cases they behave as a series of logistic wavelets, or “loglets.” In the easiest cases to recognize, a loglet appears as an S-shaped curve or a succession of many S-shaped curves. When loglets overlap in time, the overall logistic behavior of a system can be hard to discern and analyze.

In niches or markets in which several populations or technologies compete, the growth and decline of each entry also often exhibit logistic behavior. This behavior depends on interactions among the competitors. Namely, if a technology’s market share grows, it comes at the cost of shares of others. This process is well-described by the so-called “logistic substitution model.” Again, discerning and quantifying the pattern can be hard.

To advance and ease analyses of logistic behavior in time-series data, we have developed the “Loglet Lab” software package. Loglet Lab users can fit logistic curves to a single time-series and apply the logistic substitution model to multiple time-series.