Wordpress and LaTeX and (mt) (gs)

After a lot of hacking, I managed to get a LaTeX plugin for Wordpress working on (mt) (gs).

 p(t) = \sum_{i} \frac{\kappa_i}{ 1 + \exp \left( \frac{\log(81)}{-\alpha_i} \, (t -\beta_i)\right)}

which was entered by:
square bracket tex \frac{\kappa}{ 1 + \exp(\alpha \, t - \beta)}

I’m not thrilled with the rendering quality, but I can probably tweak that now that I have everything working…

First, (mt) (gs) has latex installed, but misconfigured. Tech support was unwilling to help, so I figured out how to download the new TeX user group TeXLive (strange name) unix installer, and install it as a user through ssh. Fun. But it actually worked. Then, this site http://fugato.net/2007/01/20/latex-in-wordpress/ and http://sixthform.info/steve/wordpress/ led the way for wordpress and php. Cool when it all works!!!.

Test of 2nd equation:  F(t) = \frac{p(t)}{\kappa} latexrender does not appear to work with wordpress 2.7.x RC…

how about AMS math fonts:  x \in \mathbb{R}^3, \  \text{and} \  z \in \mathbb{C} cool!