Fluid Blue and LaTeX

I found a nice minimalist WordPress theme, fluid-blue, and I changed the defaults to make it even more minimal.  I think that I have latexrender set up so that it is at least readable.  For example, in our formulation of the Logistic growth model, we use \alpha to represent the growth rate parameter, but it has a different scale than usual.

And now I can write LaTeX equations directly in the WordPress editor, which is cool. Here is the single Logistic model again

\displaystyle p(t) = \frac{\kappa}{ 1 + \exp\left( \frac{\ln(81)}{-\alpha} (t - \beta) \right)} 

Since Fluid Blue is a GPL licensed theme, here is an archive of the (minimal) changes I made.

Latexrender is useful, since it has AMS LaTeX font support, for example I can write things like  z \in \mathbb{C}, and  x \in \mathbb{R}^3, which is cool.

Its still a shame that in 21st century its still so hard to write decently typeset mathematics, but at least thanks to the GNU free software movement, Donald Knuth’s open source Tex, and php things at least look reasonable. It’s a shame that MathML development has been so poor and slow. Hopefully, with the adoption of UTF-8 (Unicode) as the standard encoding scheme, and the open source Unicode mathematical font project STIX about finished, there is a reasonable chance that LaTeX will be able to typeset UTF-8 Unicode fonts + html5 and finally math on the web will look as good as PDF.