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Perrin was born, lives, and works in Berkeley, CA. He is a proud graduate of Berkeley High, Columbia College, and the Courant Institute at NYU, where he studied physics and math. He works for the family business, Meyer Sound Laboratories, where he designs digital audio signal processing algorithms. He also performs research in computational acoustics in collaboration with research groups including CNMAT at UC Berkeley, the Courant Mathematics and Computing Lab at NYU, and The Program for the Human Environment at The Rockefeller University. Perrin is married to Sharon Eberhardt, an author, actress, and playwright; together they are raising their son Dmitri and their daughter Nadia.

Perrin's Curriculum Vitae.

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Perrin is an artist, entrepreneur, scientific polymath, and Michelin four star chef. Perrin is a citizen of the world. Home is any place where intellectual challenges flourish and solutions are fostered by interesting people. His contributions to theoretical physics will not be fully appreciated for centuries. Perrin is widely considered to to be the only candidate likely to win a Nobel Prize in Physics, a Nobel Peace Prize, and the Bocuse d'Or in the same year. His penis influences the tides. During his tenure at Meyer Sound, the company has grown by 2,500 percent. Perrin's education began at Berkeley High School, Columbia College, and the Courant Institute at NYU, but continues every day. A voracious consumer of all media, analog and digital, leaves him with little spare time for "hobbies." Perrin is the only living American artist to have a full wing at MOMA dedicated to his art. Perrin is religious, but not in a traditional sense. His god is Mathematics, and the rules of the universe. During pioneering research on the Big Bang cosmic microwave background radiation he glimpsed the Face of God. He is currently editor-in-chief for the next edition of Larousse Gastronomique. The number of pages will increase by 23% in order to include his recipes. In his spare time, he performs open-air neurosurgery with Doctors without Borders, and runs a pioneering stem cell research lab in Bangladesh, which is very close to developing a cure for blindness. Every winter, he achieves a blissful solitude on his 42,000 acre ranch in Crestone, CO. He uses this time to pioneer biodynamic bison farming and to work on Perrin's Theory: a recasting of semiotics, string theory, quantum gravity and Mayan bike shed hieroglyphics using the ontological hijinks of (arrow theoretic) (n)-Category Theory.

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